This Beautiful Matching numbers Mercedes 190SL was built in 1956 and first registered in 1957. This lightweight roadster is sporting a burgundy metallic exterior over a full leather cognac interior. A simply stunning combination for this model.
We have presented lots of 190 “sport leichts” over the years but is certainly one of the more captivating ones. Since the car was professionally body of restored several years ago and only driven on occasion this car is in beautiful condition optically as well as technically. Of course, body and undercarriage are rust free and pretty much look and feel as new.
The 1897 cc 4-cylinder engine runs strong, and the manual gearbox goes smoothly through the gears.
To make life easier, the choice was made to fit the car with Webber carburetors. This means no more starting problems and the typical periodical adjustments. Next to that they also enhance performance. A car that can be driven & enjoyed on a regular bases without the need of too much fiddling around.

The burgundy metallic paint as well as the chrome exterior trim are in wonderful condition & as already said makes a beautiful combination with the cognac in interior.
Speaking of the interior. You will love the smell of the all-over present cognac leather. The soft to the touch leather looks and feels like new. All dials, buttons and switches are in full working order and look the part. This interior is a very agreeable place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. For the rainy days however the “sonneland” soft top is as new and closes perfectly.

A bit of history;
A lesser-known fact is that the 190Sl was not dreamed up at the “sindlfingen” headquarters. The car was actually thought off by Max Hoffman. The originally Austrian entrepreneur was the main importer of Mercedes in the United States at that time. He saw an enormous potential on the American market for a more affordable roadster than the 300SL.
Convinced by his idea he pushed the Mercedes Benz executives to build the smaller lightweight two-seater. Surprisingly the actual development of the 190Sl only took five months.
The Mercedes 180 of that Era donated its shortened frame floor and the front suspension. The single joint swing axle came from the Mercedes 220. A brand new developed 1.9 litre , 4 cylinder engine was placed under the bonnet which had great performance for that time.
0 to a 100 KM-H in 14 seconds with a top speed of a 170+ made it an exhilarating roadster.
The rest is history. The 190 “Sport Leight” became one of the most popular Mercedes models of all time. The production ran from 1955 until 1963 & with a little over 25000 produced it exceeded all estimates. Today the Mercedes 190Sl is one of the most sought-after true classics.
They have proven to be one of the most lucrative investment cars of the last decade. We see their appeal continues and values keep rising.

The accompanying documentation makes it easy to register the car in any EU country.
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