This second owner 1987 BMW 528E Sedan is a true find. This 528 is not only in exceptional condition but also has a great history. This BMW 528 was originally delivered as a EU spec. car to the wife of the USA ambassador in Japan in 1987. One of the latest produced in the 9th month of 1987 and known to be the most reliable. The car stayed with the family on different locations in the world until 2017.At that moment it was purchased by a Belgian collector. Of course this BMW shows no rust what so ever. It has very nice paint. Over the course of the last year this 528E got a full technical overhaul. More then 10000,- Euro was spend at BMW Belgium to make it technically perfect. For example ; New automatic transmission , full engine service , all electrical systems overhauled , All break systems renewed etc.. This 528E was factory delivered with many options in a rare luxury configuration. Options such as ; Full factory exterior M kit. Automatic gearbox with sports and eco mode, velour sports interior ( which is like new !! ) , climate control , electric windows , electric sunroof etc.. etc..
In short one of the nicest , honest 528E’s we have ever come across.
This BMW can be used as a daily driver.
We ship to any location in the world and we can help with registration in most EU countries.
Please do not hesitate to call 0031623679846 for more information.

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