This 1984 Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Backdate is truly something special. This 911 started its life as a “normal “3.2 Carrera but has been heavily modified technically as well as optically. This is not your average backdate build but a real labour of love that has resulted in a perfect balance between looks, power and extreme road going qualities. The car still has its matching numbers engine & gearbox, but both have been recently revised and modified. A heavier crank shaft & lighter fly wheel where mounted so the car accelerates faster without putting extra strain on the engine. The engine puts out about 240HP.
Other technical modifications: First two gears on the gearbox are fortified. The steering house of a 911 Turbo was placed. Heavier Porsche Turbo brake systems with perforated discs where mounted all around to harness all that extra power. Also new brake distributors and new tires where mounted just upon arrival.
Exhaust system was custom build. Undercarriage was fully converted using Bilstein & Eibach parts only.
Many things where changed to the exterior: F model bumpers front and back, All the black window frames were changed to “chrome model “trim. A lightweight bonnet and trunk lid where mounted. Also, the interior got some serious attention. The standard seats where replaced by Lightweight and very stylish sport seats; part leather part houndstooth cloth.
Everything has been done to also make the interior as light as possible.
In full the car weighs a little over a 100kg less then the standard car.
Of course, there are many more details and mods, but it is just too much to list.
The end result is one of the most good looking, powerful, well balanced 911’s I have ever driven.
This 911 Backdate comes with a Belgian registration and extensive service & owner history.
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