This 1981 Porsche 911 Backdate ( ST Recreation ) is one of the most comprehensive builds we ever had the honour to present.
After so many years of buying, selling and driving 911’s in general we sometimes are hard to impress. But this is something else. This ST recreation will put a smile on anyone’s face. No matter if you are an avid race car driver or just a Porsche enthusiast. This 911 will impress anyone. Enough of the superlatives. Let us dive into the technical details:

The base car was a healthy, damage and rust free 911 SC from 1981 with a matching numbers engine and gearbox with option 220 Sper differential.
A Bilstein suspension was purchased and fully modified to RSR specifications. The torsion bars are the thick hollow shafts of the RSR model. The brakes have been replaced with the larger callipers of the 930 Turbo to give this monster the right stopping power.
Of course, with new discs and pads. The rear wishbones have been modified to accommodate the 930 callipers.

Engine & Gearbox:
The engine is completely rebuilt to 3.2 Short stroke using the best parts money can buy. Everything brand new: bearings, large oil pump, gears and chains, “Mahle” cylinders,
“JE” pistons, Cylinder heads rebuilt and converted to 2 spark plugs, Cylinder heads flowed and adjusted on the manifold.
Rally camshafts, “Carrillo” connecting rods, head bolts, lightweight flywheel, “Sachs” clutch and pressure plate,
New Dual ignition with MSD ignition module and coil,
The oil cooler on the engine block has been replaced with an additional filter like just like the RSR used to have.
New lightweight engine cooling caps, PMO 46mm carburettors.
For the right sound and yes even a little more extra power a New stainless steel “spaghetti” exhaust system by Dansk was mounted.
A “Wevo” short shift system ensures a deliciously tight shifting gearbox.
The engine and gearbox are suspended in “Wevo” engine mounts which minimizes vibrations.

The body has been backdated from the G-model to F-model the following way: The rear fenders are widened with steel ST flares.
The front fenders are carbon ST fenders, and a carbon F-model trunk lid was used to complete the look.
A 100 litre RSR fuel tank with central filler neck was placed in the front.
This is also where the oil cooler resides now to make room to better cool the 3.2 short stroke engine.
After all that great body work the car was finished with a beautiful “blood orange” paint job.
To complete the pretty picture our 911ST tribute sports “Compognola” rims wrapped in brand new Michelin TB rubber.

Interior: An F model interior dash ( all clocks overhauled) and a beautiful deep steering wheel with “hockey puck” horn button was used to create that nostalgic feeling. Part leather, part cloth racing seats with matching 4 point harnesses where mounted.
For safety a “ Heigo” roll cage was mounted. (The front bars of the cage can be taken out for an easier entry during the more relaxed trips.

This build has costed just over 150000 Euro not counting the hours.
The specialist who started the build and purchased all the parts needed to leave abroad on short notice and sold the car unfinished to a known specialist who finished the build.
So sheer luck enables us to offer this car for such an unbelievably competitive price.

Conclusion in short: This is not your average build. The result of all this work is an extremely high-quality, good-looking car. A sturdy built, able to take a beating.
A performance & precision instrument with beautiful road going qualities.
A complete report and all documentation of this exceptional build can be reviewed on request.
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