Impressive, is the first thing that comes to mind when you see this 1937 Lagonda LG45.
Only 278 units were built in 1936 & 1937.
The cars were available in 5 different standard bodies (Tourer, saloon, Drophead, Rapide & Deville)
Our specimen was completely restored. This DHC body on a steel chassis is therefore a so-called “Drophead” (VIN: 12165/G10).
The car is equipped with its original 6 cylinder in line "Meadows" engine.
This impressive, water-cooled 4453cc, 94Kw engine with 128HP runs like a train and is equipped with 2 SU HV5 1 five eighth carburettors. (Engine number: LG45/210/S1)
This is coupled to a four-speed manual gearbox (Lagonda G10) that drives the rear wheels and shifts seamlessly.
Right hand drive and therefore also the shifter on the right.
The clutch is located on the left under the steering wheel, the accelerator pedal in the middle and the brake pedal on the bottom right. After getting used to it, driving this car is an exceptional experience.
The “two tone” Bordeaux/black body is in superb condition.
The impressive Chrome grill, “Lucas” lamps, horn & bumpers complete the picture.
The Bordeaux painted wire wheels are fitted with Michelin 6.00/6.5x18 tires.
A great car that can handle all weather conditions. The perfectly functioning vinyl folding roof makes it easy to open the car.
The set-up windows all around makes it a delicious coupe.
So, open this car is a dream & closed a real pleasure.
The black leather interior with red-trimmed carpet in combination with the wooden dashboard is beautifully finished.
The fantastic analogue clocks and the large steering wheel contribute to this cars stylish interior.
Every historic rally in the world likes to see this car appear at the starting line.
This Lagonda has Belgian paperwork which makes it easy to register in any Eu country.
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