This Extreme IROC build is based on a 1983 Porsche 911 Super Carrera but that is where the comparison ends.
The specialist who build this IROC 911 has put over 1500 hours in this high quality project.
The result is a thoroughbred race car that is great for track days or countless hours of fun on the open road.
The technical specifications are somewhat mind boggling so here we go:

* Body type: Porsche 911SC
* Kilometers since restoration: 3789,-
*Weight: 1090 KGS

*Engine: Nr : 62L51494. ( 3600 CC )
M64/01 bore 100mm , stoke 76.4mm, ceramic port liners, forged pistons, knock
Sensors, lighter crankshaft, twin plug ignition, 2 sparks per cylinder! , redesigned
hydraulic tensioners, 11.3:1 compression ratio, 12 blade colling fan,
250 Horsepower at 6100 rpm , 228nm torque at 4800 rpm.
Bosch Motronic system with RS Chip (original chip with car)
19 pins connector with software from Bergvill FX / Porsche Durametic
Green open air filter.
ZETRAB slimline external 14 row oil cooler with a length of 592mm placed in the
Front of the car behind license plater roster.

*Fuel system : Stainless steel Fuel tank ( 85Litre)
Fuel pump: Bosch
Bosch 044 fuel pump specs: minimum current 12Volts
Operation pressure: 725,5 PSI (5 Bar )
Minimum flow@Outlet:80GPH (300LPH)
Fuel pump Location: In Line
High temperature reduction: 8 GPH (30LPH)
Steel oil lines.

*Exhaust System: DANSK Stainless steel exhaust for Porsche 964/993 without heat
exchangers. Custom made tailpipes

*Gearbox: Porsche 915 gearbox adapted for 964 Engine.
Porsche factory short shift known as the M421 option, shortening the shift
Lever throw by 35%.
Great upgrade for street & track cars as it allows quicker and more precise
shifts. The reduction throw also allows for additional seat room and
The optional smooth shift bushing kit will replace all of the linkage bushings
, which are commonly worn out and causing a crude and unpredictable
Selection of gears.
Used gearbox oil: Swepco 0201

*Steering Suspension: revised ZF steering gear
Steering rods: 964 Turbo 3.3
Shocks front: KONI 8641-1039 Sport
Strut bridge: Aluminium racing bridge from “Wiechers”
Stabilisation rod: 21mm

*Rear axle/ Supension: Drive shafts : 27mm
Shocks ; Bilstein Yellow 24-0097551 B460975
Stabilizer bar : 19mm

*Brake System: Front axle: SEBRO Ventilated discs.
Wheel spacers: 7mm (front)
Brake hoses: Goodridge stainless steel brake hoses, oil DOT4 in system
Rear axle: SEBRO ventilated discs
Wheel spacers: 25mm (back) (bolt & nut)
Brake hoses: Goodridge stainless steel brake hoses, oil DOT4 in system
*Body: Fully brought back to bare metal.
Step 1-Sikkesn primer EP (epoxy) on steel
Step 2-Sikkens polykite IV bodyfiller
Step 3-Sikkens Color build plus sanding filler
Step 4 Sikkens Autocryl pls LV topcoat ( 2 components blue )

Doors: manual window system with RS unlocking system.
Door handles mat black

Windows: Standard windows, with black ionised trim.

Bumper front: Polyester front bumper IROC style with aluminium perforated plate
which hides the oil cooler.
Front bumper is adjusted to give better airflow to oil cooler.

Bumper rear: Polyester IROC style bumper

Roof : Sun roof delete. Complete donor roof welded in to accommodate certified
roll cage.

*Wheels & Tires: front: wheels: Fuchs 16 x 6 mat black finish with ionised wheel nuts
Tires: Toyo proxes T1-R code 91W 205/55/R16
Back: Wheels: Fuchs 17 x 6 mat black finish with ionised wheel nuts
Tires: Toyo proxes T1-R code 94W 245/45/R16

*Interior: Dashboard: Adjusted corners for perfect fit around roll cage.
Instruments: 250 kph Gage, 70000rpm Gage, fuel & oil temp gage.
Cut off switch electrics on dash.

Roll cage: FIA certified roll cage.
Installed and made by VA Motorsport Engineering.
Serial number: 927.20.121
Roll bar specs: main tube 45mm, thickness 2.5mm), braces 40mm
(Thickness 2mm) Material 25CrM04, tensile strength 800N/mm2
Elastic limit 720 N/m2), Welding MIG/MAG

Seats: QSP Sport seats with adjustable backrest, removable seat and backrest,
Weight 13.1 kgs

Seat belts: QSP 4 point seat belts. Pro street with 2 inch button.
Hook fastening, hip and shoulder adjustment, fastened on welded to
body strips.

Steering wheel: PERSONAL aluminum steering wheel with polyethene filling.
Floor: Profiled aluminum 3mm plate.
Inside mirror: LONGACRE wide angle mirror
Aluminum window washer reservoir.

*Electrics: Head lights; BOSCH yellow glass.
Blinkers: Original Porsche white reflector orange bulb
Back lights: Original Porsche with red reflector.
Number plate lighting: LED
Cable tree: Adjusted for 964 Engine.
Window washer: interval swith.

Above information should give you a little insight of this great build.
This IROC Porsche 911 has Dutch paperwork which makes it easy to register in any Eu country.
Call 0031623679846 for more information.
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