There is much more to write about this magnificent 1958 Jaguar XK 150 3.8S OTS since this is not your average XK.
I am afraid there is just to much to list.
For now, the main key points below.

• Early 1958 Delivery in the USA. (1st owner) (VIN: S83****)
• Travelled back to the UK already in the first years of her life.
• Jaguar Coventry replaces engine with Factory 3.8 Litre S engine (VAS 1242-9) & registers her as such.
(See Production Record certificates produced by Jaguar Heritage Trust)
• 1990: Southampton based owner sells the car to France (to “Nord Pas De Calais” / 3rd owner)
• 1996: Car is sold to second French owner still registered as UK car. (4th owner)
• 2000: (March) 4th owner registered the car in France for the first-time.
• 2003: the car was sold to its 5th and last owner before Legendary Classics.
• 2006: the 5th owner starts a fully documented comprehensive body off restoration which took about 5 years.
• 2011: Body off restoration is finalised by the end of that year.
• Owner enjoys the car for about 10 years & drives her regularly.
• 2021: (June) The decision is made to give the car a full repaint.
• 2022: ( September) 3.8S engine is revised in full.
• 2022: Further new additions done at that time since the car is taken a part anyway:
#Extra engine fan
#Soft top
#Brake systems(Cooper kraft discs front & back)
#5 speed “Getrac” gearbox
#disengageable power steering
#Electronic ignition
#2 fuel pumps
• 2023 ( December) Legendary classics acquires the car & brings her to The Netherlands.

General info:
• Vin Number: S 830***
• Engine Number: VAS 12**-* (3781 cc,198kw/265Hp with 3 SU HD8 Carburettors)
• Body Number: F15***
• Gearbox number: JC40**** (Not in the car but available with the car!)
• Current gearbox: Getrac 5 speed
• Original exterior paint Colour: “Carmen red”
• Original interior trim: Black
• Current exterior paint colour: “Indigo Blue”
• Current interior trim: “Hermes Red”
(Numbers can be reviewed on request!)

Overall condition:

• The restoration between 2006 & 2011 was comprehensive & clearly done by professionals who knew their craft.
• The car was meticulously maintained since restoration by former owner & that shows.
• The repaint in 2022, the full engine revision & addition of the convenient modern technical assets have brought the car in top condition.
• The additions made the car easy to use without touching the original character.
• Upon arrival in The Netherlands only small details needed attention, which they of course got immediately.
• The overall condition is simply wonderful.
• Technically, structurally & optically super strong.
• In beautiful and functional condition.
• Comprehensive history file: Owner history, restoration & maintenance are fully documented.
• Several new appraisals have been made by leading Belgian & Dutch appraisal companies.
• The special story around the ultra-rare 3.8 S engine is confirmed by The Jaguar Heritage Archive in Warwickshire UK.
• A winner in every aspect & a true asset to any serious collection.

This Jaguar has French paperwork which makes it easy to register in any EU country.
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