Introducing another stunning addition to the Legendary Classics Collection.
This matching numbers 1959 Mercedes 190SL is a true vintage beauty.
Our ’59 has been meticulously “body of” restored a few years ago & was only sparingly driven since,
Which of course explains her exceptional condition.
These roadsters are becoming a rare find.
Especially in such pristine shape!
And it is becoming even more rare to find one with the correct background to go along.
Of course, the restoration of our “Sport Leicht” was fully documented.
When reviewed, this documentation showcases the level of care & attention to the preservation of her original charm.
In the same file you find a copy of the original data card, which confirms all numbers are matching.
Since absolutely every nut & bolt was renewed on the car, she again shows her original combination of style, comfort & performance.
Which was exactly what made them so popular during the 1950’s.
The 1897 cc 4-cylinder engine has been fully revised & runs strong and smooth.
These 4 cylinders provide a smooth & enjoyable driving experience with surprisingly strong performance.
The original Solex carburetors add to the authenticity.
The striking strawberry red paint is in top shape, complemented by all new chrome trim.
A flawless, full leather. black interior with all original instruments in full working order complete the pretty picture.
So, there is nothing left to want.
Optically, technically, structurally, and historically this 1959 Mercedes 190Sl is an absolute winner.

A little bit of history on the 190 “Sport Leicht” model in general:

In the 1950’s Max Hoffmann the originally Austrian entrepreneur was the most successful Mercedes Benz dealer in the USA.
He recognized the growing demand for luxury sports cars in the US.
He saw an opportunity for Mercedes Benz to expand in his country and proposed the idea of a more affordable sports car to the Mercedes Benz executives who approved of his idea.

The initiative led to the development of the 190SL which became popular with the public as a sophisticated but accessible sports car.
Hoffman's understanding of the American automotive market and his collaboration with Mercedes-Benz were instrumental in establishing the brand as a leading luxury automaker in the U.S.
Max Hoffman's role in shaping Mercedes-Benz's success in the U.S. are widely acknowledged.
His ideas left a lasting mark on the automotive landscape, with the Mercedes 190SL serving as the greatest tribute to Hoffman's vision.

This Mercedes 190SL has an EU registration which makes it easy to register all over Europe.
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