Sold PORSCHE 911


This beautifully built Porsche ST is built with the most expensive parts.
The base is a damage and rust free 911 SC from 1981 with matching numbers engine and gearbox with option 220
Sperdifferential. The bodywork has been converted from the G-model to F-model. The rear fenders are widened
with steel ST flares. The front fenders are carbon ST fenders and a carbon F-model trunk lid completes the look.
The oil cooler is placed in the nose to better cool the 3.2 short stroke engine. In the trunk is a 100-liter RSR fuel
tank with a central filler neck. The suspension is Bilstein brand, and has been modified to RSR specifications. The
torsion bars are the thick hollow shafts of the RSR model. The brakes have been replaced with 930 turbo calipers
with new discs and pads. The rear wishbones have been modified to accommodate the 930 calipers. This 911ST is
on new Compognola rims and new Michelin TB tires. The engine is completely rebuilt with the most expensive
parts and enlarged to 3.2 Short stroke. New bearings, New large oil pump, new gears and chains, New Mahle
brand cylinders, New JE pistons, Cylinder heads rebuilt and converted to 2 spark plugs, Cylinder heads flowed and
adjusted on the manifold, New Rally camshafts, Carillo connecting rods, New head bolts, New lightweight
flywheel, New Sachs clutch and pressure plate, New Dual ignition with MSD ignition module and coil, The oil
cooler on the engine block has been replaced with an additional filter like an RSR also has. New lightweight engine
cooling caps, PMO 46mm carbs, New racing spaghetti exhaust with stainless steel Dansk exhaust, Etc etc. The
shifting is done by a Wevo short shift system which ensures that this 911 delicious and tight shifts. The engine and
gearbox are suspended in Wevo engine mounts.
The interior is fully adapted to F-model. The clocks are overhauled and converted to F-model. The steering wheel
is replaced by the beautiful deep steering wheel with field hockey puck horn button, The seats are replaced by
new seats with matching belts. For safety, a roll cage of the brand Heigo has been installed. This car is a real
driver's car that attracts the necessary attention. At the moment it is still registered in the USA, but can be
registered if desired. The construction of this beautiful Porsche 911ST cost more than € 150,000.


The model on this page has unfortunately been sold. There is a big chance that we have the same or similar model in our collection. Would you rather that we search for you? No problem. Place a searchrequest through our website.

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