Sold PORSCHE 911


This simply stunning backdate based on a 1988 Porsche 3.2 Carrera is one of the most comprehensive builds I have seen in my career.
And that is saying a lot!
This 911 has been completely restored and rebuilt into a backdate F-model with wide body (RSR Look).
The former owner of this stunning backdated 911 only wanted the best of the best on all levels.

The best performance, the best handling, the best look.
To achieve this, we could almost say he went totally overboard.
He used only the best companies for every aspect of the build & spared no expense on the parts side.

A small summary:

• Engine : The 3.2 engine was totally rebuilt from the ground up by “Van Beurden Porsche” ( Belgian performance & backdate specialist) using only the best parts available.
For example, a GT3 crank shaft, enlarged cylinders, adapted cylinder heads with double spark plugs per cylinder, “Schrick” camshaft, adapted push rods, a custom-made engine management system with double ignition, GT3 Oil pump, special air filter, coupled to a custom build “SSI exhaust system that sports a “Dansk”inox muffler.
This has resulted in a 330 Horsepower work of art that is not only bringing out the power but is also extremely reliable
• Gearbox: The gearbox was rebuilt in full ( first gears reinforced ) and a differential lock was mounted.
• Brakes : To harness all that power the brake systems of a 993 Turbo were used in the front and Brembo brake calipers were used in the back.
• Suspension & undercarriage : The suspension was rebuilt and equipped with a KW suspension set.
The entire mechanism was intensively cleaned externally with waterjet cleaning and all parts were re-galvanized or coated.
A special front panel was welded in to make the RSR look possible.
• Electrics & lighting : LED headlights from "9eleven" were placed in the front.
The wiring has largely been renewed and adjusted. The fuse box was modernized with "classic retrofit" fuses
The motor wiring is custom made for the special motor management system.
The dashboard instruments and electrical devices are in perfect working condition according to original specifications.
The car is equipped with a “Blaupunkt Bremen" radio.
There is a main power switch on the battery and the car is equipped with a "Meta" tracking & alarm system.

• Exterior / body work: The body underwent a full restoration and was given a "backdate" conversion to an F-model look.
During the conversion to longhood (pre 74 F model), the fenders were widened with the use of steel.
The gaps between the various body panels run tightly parallel.
The Targa bracket has been polished and the other trim parts have been processed according to the vintage look.
The closing edges and hinges are perfect.
All body rubbers have been renewed.( actually every rubber on the car was renewed)
The trunk was reupholstered.
• Wheels & Tires: Brand new "Maxilite rims" in Fuchs look, polished, size 8+9 X16".
Wrapped in Pirelli rubber 205/55ZR16(91Y) at the front and Pirelli 245/45R16(94Y) at the rear
Tires still in near mint condition.
The car is equipped with an original Porsche spare wheel with inflatable tire
• Interior: The interior was also thoroughly addressed.
The sports seats have been reupholstered in a beautiful brown leather with a quilted motif.
The interior panels and dashboard were also upholstered in leather.
A momo "prototypo" steering wheel was covered in matching leather.
The floor covering was renewed in tasteful brown carpet.
The car is equipped with 3 (3 point) seat belts in the front.
Sportier pedals were placed.

In short: This is an extremely successful project with many adjustments that make the car a fantastic driving Porsche.
The car can compete with today's popular creations such as those of well-known builders such as Singer, Stoeder, Kaege, etc..

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